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Combining advanced filter technology with a timeless European design, these masks offer excellent performance and comfort to fight harmful airborne particles. Reusable and washable.

The mouth masks are 3 layers, type 2. These can also be used for medical purposes. They will protect you for at least 98% of all bacteria.

The breakthrough of the coronavirus has made ensuring health and safety in everyday life a priority for millions of people. In addition to the Corona virus, the filter will also protect you against other viruses, bacteria and air pollutants such as dust and smoke.

The filter's innovative, multi-layer protection technology guarantees the highest quality and excellent efficiency. Due to the light fiber material, the filter adapts to the skin, making it almost like an invisible layer.

A high quality, protective mouth mask designed to offer a strong protection against any bacteria. The filter is specialized to keep out any bacteria entering your nose or mouth. It will helps against any virus, but it can't prevent it. It's designed to protect against harmful particles in the air. 

Make sure you don't keep the same mask on for longer than 2 hours. Guarantees can't be made that it will protect you from any viruses or diseases. 


Seller Fourstore
Brand Fourstore
Material Cotton
Pieces 50 / 100
Length 11 cm
Width 7 cm
Height 0,3 cm
Weight 5 grams
EAN 7442941978971


✔ Combining advanced filter technology.


✔ Mouth Masks