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A 24k golden facial massage device for daily facial cleansing of the mouth, forehead, around the eyes, neck & cheeks. Give yourself a youthful and tight skin! The beauty bar reduces wrinkles around the eyes, lips, forehead and neck and instantly change the contours of the face to reveal your youthful appearance and energy! A daily use of 2-3 minutes will achieve the optimum result. To get the firm and radiant skin you've always dreamed of quickly and easily! The device has a beautiful design which is easy to take with you.

The golden energy pulse vibrates 6,000 times per minute (micro-vibration), giving the facial muscle the right amount of stimulation to achieve a firming effect and to improve the skin.

The natural flow that is present in the body can be affected by pressure and aging, which is the main cause of blemishes and skin loosening. Because the wavelength of gold ions and the natural flow of living organisms is the same, the sliding of the gold ions on the skin can regulate and balance the bio-electricity. It promotes metabolism and activates skin cells, making the skin radiant and elastic.

The massage device is made of brass, aluminium (the T part is gold-plated) and works on an AAA battery. It is strong & waterproof, so very suitable for use during a bath or shower.


Seller Fourstore
Brand Fourstore
Material Aluminum & Gold
Power Source AAA batteries (Not Included)
Voltage 1,5
Pieces 1
Length 12 cm 
Width 3,5 cm
Height 1,5 cm 
Weight 90 grams
EAN 7442941980950


✔ Reduces wrinkles around the eyes, lips & forehead

✔ Improves & thightens the skin

✔ Waterproof

✔ Easy to carry


✔ 1 x Beauty Bar
✔ 1 x Manual
✔ 1 x Black Protection Bag