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Cherry Toiletbrush

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A funny-looking & unique toilet brush that looks like a giant cherry. Give your bathroom a nice pimp. It’s stylish, creative and innovative. Designed to make your bathroom original, special & stand out more.

The brush contains a high-quality 360° fine & tidy head with sturdy bristles. Optimal for thorough cleaning of toilet dirt. Practical for large areas or grooves, slits & corners without hurting the ceramic surface or glaze. Ensures a strong decontamination & anti-bacterial effect. The head is removable for replacing or cleaning it.

The anti-sliding handle has a curve design which will feel more comfortable to the hand. The brush holder has a large holding capacity for storing all the left-over water.


Seller Fourstore
Brand Fourstore
Material Plastic
Pieces 1
Length 14 cm 
Width 14 cm
Height 39 cm 
Weight 300 grams
EAN 7432236225279


✔ Creative Design.

✔ Unique Style.

✔ 360º Removable Head.

✔ Strong Bristles.

✔ Comfortable Handle.


✔ 1 x Cherry Toiletbrush
✔ 1 x Cherry Toiletbrush Holder