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Cleaning Gel

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Suitable for car interior clearance cleaning,computer keyboard and mouse button clearance surface stains and dust, or digital equipment, LCD screen surface spots and fine dust, etc.

No trace, no surface damage, with fragrance. It can also effectively kill common harmful bacteria. Can effectively absorb dust and dust in the gaps, never fly around Its contact area is wide, it can be close to foreign objects to the greatest extent, and the place where normal cleaning products cannot be cleaned can be cleaned. The magic dust-removing glue with deformation function can change its shape with foreign objects. Made from non toxic material, which is not harmful to human body.


Seller Fourstore
Brand Fourstore
Material Gel
Pieces 1
Length 13 cm 
Width 6 cm
Height 1 cm 
Weight 80 grams
EAN 8944688059849


✔ Absorb Dust.


✔ 1 x Cleaning Gel