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Transform the ambiance of your living interior with stunning lights and effects! Anyone who walks into your home now will be completely blown away by the beautiful color show going on around them.

This LED strip set emits a soft glow of light that dramatically enhances the overall appeal of any bedroom, living room or exterior part of the house. You can even control the colors and effects conveniently by using the 24 button remote that comes with this kit. Make the lights fade, flash & blink for a festive environment or dim the lights for a more serene environment.

The light strips can be cut at certain cutting lines to make them fit perfectly anywhere you’d like to place them. You can also connect multiple 5-meter led strip rolls to each other to add extra length. So you always have enough to cover the space you need.

After the lights are set up & all the wires connected, you’re ready to begin the show! Go invite all your friends and family over for a memorable night that will surely leave some lasting impressions.


Seller Fourstore
Brand Fourstore
Material Copper & Plastic
Power Source EU Wall Plug
Voltage 12
Pieces 1
Length 5 m 
Width 1 cm
Height 0,2 cm 
Weight 100 grams
EAN 8433325178925


✔Add a battery to the remote.
✔Connect the LED strip to the white converter.
✔Connect the white converter to the power plug and put it in the wall outlet.
✔Roll out the LED strip, peal off the backside while sticking it to the surface.


    ✔ 1 x LED Strip Roll
    ✔ 1 x Remote
    ✔ 1 x Power Plug
    ✔ 1 x White Converter