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Magnetic Slime

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This magnetic slime is a unique material composed of elements such as iron, which automatically attracts to magnets when placing it close. By moving a magnet around this slime, you can easily manipulate its shape and orientation, allowing you to create interesting shapes and creatures by squeezing the material in certain forms. This magnetic slime comes in a silver-toned dish and features a small cube-shaped magnet for you to play with.

With different colors slime, you can mix them together and create multicolored, interesting looking designs that you can display anywhere in your house. Their small, circular containers make it easy for you to store them in craft boxes when you aren't playing with them, letting you easily put them away and then pull them out again when you're ready for more fun.


Seller Fourstore
Brand Fourstore
Material Resin & Magnetic Particles
Pieces 1
Length 8 cm
Width 8 cm
Height 3 cm
Weight 19 grams
EAN 8719956460487


✔ Makes the slime move without touching it.

✔ Soft & funny material.

✔ Create interesting shapes.


✔ 1x Magnetic Slime
✔ 1x Cube Magnet
✔ 2x Sticky Eyes