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Can your muscles use some relaxation and rest? Then this massage gun is for you. This is one of the best massage devices available on the market. It stimulates the blood circulation of the muscles, reduces pain and promotes muscle recovery after exercise.

This massage gun massages the superficial and deeper muscle layer through vibration. This ensures that all muscles come loose and that movement is smoother. That is why this massage gun is ideal for athletes or for people who come home after a long day of hard work. For people who suffer from stiff muscles, this is the solution. The massage gun has a touch screen control, on which you can determine the speed with the positions 0 to 20. It is supplied in a compact storage case with charger and 4 different attachments to properly massage every part of the body. Even difficult places such as the back are easily accessible with this machine.

The newest massage device specially developed for recovery after physical activity. The massage gun is suitable for muscle warming, deep connective tissue massage, relaxation massage and prevents injuries. This Massage Gun is not only more powerful than similar massage devices (up to 3200 movements per minute) but also quieter (around 35 decibels). No hassle with short working hours, because this massage gun lasts up to 3 hours!

The Massage Gun, your essential tool for a complete recovery of the entire body through a deep muscle massage.

Benefits of the Massage Gun:

  •  Reduces muscle pain
  •  Faster recovery
  •  The massage device improves blood circulation and can alleviate neuropathic pain and muscle pain
  •  Reduces risk of injury
  •  More effective than a foam roller
  •  Deeptissue massage
  •  Sports massage
  •  Triggerpoint self-massage
  •  Suitable for the entire body
  •  Suitcase for easy transportation
  •  Easy to use
  •  Speed adjustable from quiet to very powerful

Create muscle relaxation and recover faster than ever with the Massage Gun

As a top athlete, therapeutic and professional relaxation for the muscle groups is the key to being able to train hard again as quickly as possible.

The Massage Gun stimulates blood flow in the muscles, accelerating muscle recovery. Due to the powerful impulses that the muscles undergo, the signal acid, which causes muscle pain, is drained faster. Very useful for athletes who have an important competition the next day. The Massage Gun can be operated via the touchscreen with LED lighting. This touchscreen is improved compared to the previous massage guns and offers, in addition to 20 settings, the possibility to see the battery percentage and adjust the speeds.

With its 20 different strengths, the Massage Gun is the perfect addition for athletes, physical therapists and / or other sports / fitness related professions.

The Massage Gun comes in a lightweight protective case which easily fits in your sports bag and / or can be worn separately on the designated handle. The Massage Gun can be used at home, in the gym or along the athletics track. The Massage Gun gives you the opportunity to recover anywhere, creating a stronger and healthier body!

Multi-Speed motor and strong Lithium battery

The Massage Gun can pulsate up to 3200 rotations per minute. The LED screen shows how fast it pulses and the battery percentage. The 1500Mah lithium battery is so powerful that it lasts 3 hours! The motor of the gun is a so-called brushless DC motor. These motors are mainly used in model building, fans, circulation pumps, swimming pool pumps and pressurized water groups. These engines are powerful, yet quiet in use.


  •  Speed 1400-3200r / min
  •  Powerful rechargeable lithium 16.8V 1500mah battery
  •  LED indicators show battery status and vibration level
  •  20 different speed settings
  •  Silent in use (up to 35 dB)
  •  Full charging takes 2 hours

    The most popular massage tool currently used by the best athletes around the world!

  • Switch the on button.
  • Choose a mode.
  • Press it against the skin.


    Seller Fourstore
    Brand Fourstore
    Material Composite Material
    Battery Type Lithium
    Working Time  4 hours  
    Rated Voltage 24 V
    Power 2400 mAh 
    Length 24 cm
    Width 24.5 cm
    Weight 2000 grams
    EAN 7442941977929



      • 1x Massage Gun  
      • 4x Different Attachments
      • 1x Charger
      • 1x Manual
      • 1x Protective Case