Resistance Band

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A fitness elastic band for effective stretching and making working out easier. It has good resilience and is well linked to the movements in yoga training for better plasticity.

Suitable for teenagers and women with less strength, effective stretching and exercising of muscles, stabilising posture and control of elongation, effectively improving physical activity and forming perfect body curves.

It is a tool for yoga and pilates. Can increase the pleasure of the exercise and change the single training style.


  •  Soft
  •  Resilient
  •  Hard-wearing
  •  Extensive performance

Cleaning and durability: it can be washed and wiped with a dry and damp cloth.


Seller Fourstore
Brand Fourstore
Material Rubber
Pieces 1
Length 30 cm 
Width 6 cm
Height 0,5 cm 
Weight 50 grams
EAN 7442941977912



    • 1x Resistance Band