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Retro razors are made by hand, blade hardness is 60 degrees, with 0.5mm thick blade, sharp edge, razor is consisted of the shaving blade and the hilt, which is in open style, the razor includes sharp blade head and clip-shaped hilt. The blade head is made of carbon steel, and a pin hole is fixed between the hilt and the blade head, so the cutting head has a free rotating space of over 270 degrees that can easily trim the hair of a beard.

Hold the razor with the right hand, with the blade downward, prop against the hole of the blade bodys concave side with the right thumb, then hold the hilt with the index and middle fingers, while using the ring finger and little finger to resist the hilt. The operation must rely on the flexible action of the wrist to shave, not exerting force through the arm.
Before shaving, wash your face and beard before you soften beard with a warm towel, or use the right amount of men's shaving cream to a bubble in a bowl, and apply the foam evenly on the face with beard, and then soften the beard. Shave first in the direction of beard growing, shave the sideburns and then the cheeks and neck, and then shave the jaw with a 26 corner looking up action. Finally shave the upper lip because the jaw and upper lip beard are thicker, and need more time to soften. If you still feel it is not clean enough, repeat the shave in contrast to the beard growing direction. Once shave finished, use a hot towel to clean the foam or rinse with warm water, then pat the aftershave gently to the chin and lip area with hand

 Razor safety: Do not use the knife edge directly with your hand to ensure sharpness. Wipe it with a cloth or a multi-layer paper towel. The knife belongs to the dangerous object. Let the child play


Seller Kobie
Brand Kobie
Material Iron
Pieces 1
Length 19 cm 
Width 7,60 cm
Height 3,10 cm 
Weight 560 grams
EAN 7439624663668



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