Vitamine C Serum

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A facial serum with great results.

* Rich in VC serum, it can add nutrition to the skin and promote cell metabolism, anti aging.

* Contains natural hydrating molecule Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid moisturizes skin, revitalizes skin health and vitality, leaving your skin smooth, soft and smooth.

* Snail secretion filters and sodium hyaluronate are added so as to rejuvenate, effectively prevent skin aging, and can eliminate blemishes, scars.

* Produces reaction between high concentration of VC extract and melanin, minimizes the melanin light pigment, effectively dilute the stain, dull stains.

* Remove freckles, brightens skin tone, bleaches skin, thoroughly improves skin repairing ability to prevent the return of stubborn freckles.

* Repair skin from sunburn and other problems, such as peeling, caused by long-term improper treatment.

  • Add a few drips on your face.
  • Rub it around.
  • Let it dry.


    Seller Rafella's
    Brand Pei Mei
    Ingredient Hydrating Molecule Hyaluronic Acid
    Pieces 1
    NET 15 ml
    EAN 7446019812860



      • 1 x Vitamine C Serum